If your abstract submission has been accepted, please proceed to pay the registration fee and to fill in the registration form, then send both form and a receipt of your fee transfer to

Download the ICoN_RegistrationForm

Registration fee

The ICoN applies a country-specific scheme for registration fees, based on the cost of living of each country. The point of reference is the fee for Lithuanian scholars (70 EUR).

Download the List of Fees by Country (prices in EUR)

The registration fee covers the enrolment to the congress (presentation, attendance, registration kit with abstract book, program badge, etc.), a welcome reception-dinner, all the coffee breaks (two per day), all the events in the social program, and the publication of each paper.
It does not cover ordinary meals and accommodation.

Bank data for your transfer

You will receive a payment invoice from the organizing committee of the congress with all the details.


The first deadline for registration is March 31, 2016. After this date, a surcharge will be applied.


People who should fail to deposit the registration fee by March 31 will be applied a surcharge of 50% on the indicated price.
Please, consider that registration fees are an important entry in a conference’s budget. The later we can count on those revenues, the more difficult (and ultimately expensive) is the event’s organization. For this reason, we kindly ask you not to consider surcharges as “fines”, but simply adjustments of the fee to the complications deriving from the delay.


BA, MA and PhD students are all entitled to a discount of 50% on the regular fee, and 33% on the late fee

Registration as visitors/passive participants

Passive participants are treated with the same discount as students (that is, 50% on the regular fee, and 33% on the late fee)


Some questions you might be wondering…

Why not a single fee?

ISI is committed to an ethical and democratic attitude towards its research and activities.
While a single fee may be more practical to apply and consult, it is however not a democratic way to treat the different international participants. The costs of living change dramatically from country to country, and the same amount of money can be very easy or extremely demanding to afford, depending on where one is from.
We decided to use the Local Purchasing Power Index (as reported in the Cost of Living Index) in order to get a more accurate proportion of these differences. It still may not be a perfect calculation (some changes occur also across single towns, not just countries), but it is certainly closer to the real “value” that an enrollment fee has for each person.
We have tried to cover as many countries as possible in this table, but if you don’t find yours, it means it was not possible to calculate the exact proportions, therefore the same basic fee for Lithuania (70 EUR) will be applied.

Why no “early birds”?

We have tried to keep our registration fee to the most reasonable minimum of similar events (please, remember that the registration fee for the last ISI congress in Finland was 230 Euros, that is nearly 800 LTL, four times as much as the current fee). For this reason, we do not apply any early bird discount, but we simply hope that our fee will look acceptable to everybody.