ISI publications consist of three different outlets: individual essays published by affiliated researchers for diverse publishers; the classic Acta Semiotica Fennica series launched in 1992, and a new book series in Numanities for the top-academic publisher Springer (to be launched in 2015).

Individual publications

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Acta Semiotica Fennica

ASF is the first book series launched by ISI, in collaboration with the Semiotic Society of Finland. Since 1992, it has published congress proceedings, monographs and anthologies.

After the transfer of ISI’s central office to Kaunas, Lithuania, ASF has remained as the main publication outlet of the Helsinki branch.

Editor: Eero Tarasti (University of Helsinki)
Associate Editor: Paul Forsell (University of Helsinki)

For a full list of titles available, please contact Mr. Paul Forsell,

The following titles are available also in the central office in Kaunas: 

– Center and Periphery in Representations and Institutions: Proceedings from the ISI Conference in Imatra, 1990. Ed. by Eero Tarasti.

– On the Borderlines of semiosis: Proceedings from the ISI Conferences in Imatra, 1991 and 1992. Ed. by Eero Tarasti. 

– Snow, Forest, Silence: The Finnish Tradition of Semiotics. Ed. by Eero Tarasti.

Musical Semiotics Revisited. Ed. by Eero Tarasti

Understanding/Misunderstanding, Contributions to the study of the hermeneutics of signs. Ed. by Eero Tarasti 

– From Nature To Psyche. Proceedings from the ISI Summer Congresses at Imatra in 2001-2002. Ed. by Eero Tarasti.

– Music and the Arts, Part two. Proceedings from ICMS 7. Ed. by Eero Tarasti.
– Stefania Guerra Lisi – Gino Stefani: Prenatal Styles in the Arts and the Life.

– Dario Martinelli: Zoosemiotics. Proposals for a Handbook.

– Global Signs. Proceedings of the 2003-2006 Summer Congresses of the International Semiotics Institute. Ed. by Eero Tarasti.
– Music Senses Body. Proceedings from the 9th International Congress on Musical Signification Roma 19-23/09/2006 Ed. by Dario Martinelli.

– Communication: Understanding / Misunderstanding. Proceedings of the 9th Congress of the IASS/AIS, Helsinki-Imatra 2007, ed. by Eero Tarasti. 3 volumes.

– Before and After Music. Proceedings from the 10th International Congress on Musical Signification, Vilnius 2008. Edited by Lina Navickaite-Martinelli.
– Dario Martinelli: Authenticity, Performance and Other Double-Edged Words. Essays on Popular Music.

– Gabriel Pareyon: On Musical Self-Similarity. Intersemiosis as Synecdoche and Analogy.

The Springer Numanities series

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