ISI publications consist of three different outlets: individual essays published by affiliated researchers for diverse publishers; the classic Acta Semiotica Fennica series launched in 1992, and a new book series in Numanities for the top-academic publisher Springer (to be launched in 2015).

Individual publications

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Acta Semiotica Fennica

ASF is the first book series launched by ISI, in collaboration with the Semiotic Society of Finland. Since 1992, it has published congress proceedings, monographs and anthologies.

After the transfer of ISI’s central office to Lithuania, ASF has remained as the main publication outlet of the Helsinki branch.

Editor: Eero Tarasti (University of Helsinki)
Associate Editor: Paul Forsell (University of Helsinki)

Editorial Board
Thomas A. Sebeok (honorary member) †
Pertti Ahonen
Henri Broms
Jacques Fontanille
Marja-Liisa Honkasalo
Altti Kuusamo
Ilkka Niiniluoto
Oscar Parland †
Pekka Pesonen
Hannu Riikonen
Kari Salosaari
Sinikka Tuohimaa †
Vilmos Voigt

The following international titles have thus far appeared in the series

– for the Finnish publications, please contact the Helsinki office
– titles marked with triple asterisk (***) have gone sold out, and are currently unavailable:

– Center and Periphery in Representations and Institutions: Proceedings from the ISI Conference in Imatra, 1990. Ed. by Eero Tarasti.

– On the Borderlines of semiosis: Proceedings from the ISI Conferences in Imatra, 1991 and 1992. Ed. by Eero Tarasti. 

– ***Hannele Koivunen, The Woman Who Understood Completely: a Semiotic Analysis of the Mary Magdalene Myth in a Gnostic Gospel of Mary.

– ***Musical Semiotics in Growth: An Anthology of Papers Presented at Three International Doctoral and Postdoctoral Seminars on Musical Semiotics, 1991-1993.  Eero Tarasti

José Luiz Martinez: Semiosis in Hindustani Music.

– ***Musical Signification Between Rhetoric and Pragmatics, La Significazione Musicale, tra Retirica e Pragmatica: Proceedings of the 5th International Congress on Musical signification. Ed. by Gino Stefani, Eero Tarasti and Luca Marconi.

– Snow, Forest, Silence: The Finnish Tradition of Semiotics. Ed. by Eero Tarasti.

– Kristian Bankov: Intellectual Effort and Linguistic Work, Semiotic and Hermeneutic Aspects of the Philosophy of Bergson.

– ***Harri Veivo: The Written Space. Semiotic Analysis of the Representation of Space and its Rhetorical Functions in Literature.
Luiz Fernando Nascimento de Lima: Live Samba. Analysis and Interpretation of Brazilian Pagode.
***Richard Littlefield: Frames and Framing. The Margins of Music Analysis.

– ***Dario Martinelli: How Musical Is a Whale? Towards a Theory of Zoömusicology.
– Mikko Kuusimäki: Robinson et le Tarot. Etude sur la signification de Vendredi ou les limbes du Pacifique de Michel Tournier.
– *** Musical Semiotics Revisited. Ed. by Eero Tarasti

– *** Understanding/Misunderstanding, Contributions to the study of the hermeneutics of signs. Ed. by Eero Tarasti 

– ***Drina Hocevar: Movement and Poetic Rhythm, Uncovering the Musical Signification of Poetic Discource via the Temporal Dimension of the Sign.
– ***Fulvio Delli Pizzi – Michele Ignelzi – Paolo Rosato: Systems of Musical Sense.Essays on the analysis, semiotics, and hermeneutics of music.
– Kai Lassfolk: Music Notation as Objects. An Object-Oriented Analysis of the Common Western Music Notation System.
– From Nature To Psyche. Proceedings from the ISI Summer Congresses at Imatra in 2001-2002. Ed. by Eero Tarasti.

– ***Satoru Kambe: Jean Sibelius’s Kullervo and Lemminkäinen. Form, Image and Musical Narrative.
– ***Susanna Välimäki: Subject Strategies in Music.A Psychoanalytic Approach to Musical Signification.

– Music and the Arts, Part one. Proceedings from ICMS 7. Ed. by Eero Tarasti.
– Music and the Arts, Part two. Proceedings from ICMS 7. Ed. by Eero Tarasti.
– Stefania Guerra Lisi – Gino Stefani: Prenatal Styles in the Arts and the Life.
Music, Meaning & Media. Ed. by Erkki Pekkilä – David Neumeyer – Richard Littlefield

– Dario Martinelli: Zoosemiotics. Proposals for a Handbook.
– ***Merja Bauters: Changes in Beer Labels and their Meaning. A Holistic Approach to the Semiosic Process.

– Ritva Hartama-Heinonen: Abductive Translation Studies. The Art of Marshalling Signs.
– Global Signs. Proceedings of the 2003-2006 Summer Congresses of the International Semiotics Institute. Ed. by Eero Tarasti.
– A Sounding of Signs. Modalities and Moments in Music, Culture, and Philosophy. Essays in Honor of Eero Tarasti on his 60th Anniversary. Ed. by Richard Littlefield, Irma Vierimaa, Robert Hatten, Harri Veivo.
– Music Senses Body. Proceedings from the 9th International Congress on Musical Signification Roma 19-23/09/2006 Ed. by Dario Martinelli.

– Juha Ojala: Space in Musical Semiosis. An Abductive Theory of the Musical Composition Process.
– Communication: Understanding / Misunderstanding. Proceedings of the 9th Congress of the IASS/AIS, Helsinki-Imatra 2007, ed. by Eero Tarasti. 3 volumes.

– Maciej Jablonski: Music as Sign.
– Before and After Music. Proceedings from the 10th International Congress on Musical Signification, Vilnius 2008. Edited by Lina Navickaite-Martinelli.
– Dario Martinelli: Authenticity, Performance and Other Double-Edged Words. Essays on Popular Music.

– Gabriel Pareyon: On Musical Self-Similarity. Intersemiosis as Synecdoche and Analogy.
– Ramunas Motiekaitis: Poetics of the Nameless Middle.

– ***Tiina Vainiomäki: The Musical Realism of Leoš Janácek : From Speech Melodies to a Theory of Composition

The Springer Numanities series

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